Time to make a example of What happens when Corruption,Deception and Falsifying reports have been committed in a Elected Officials Duty’s to the President and American Citizens.Drain the Swamp take Legal Action on the Criminal Acts that have been played out and committed.

Democrats have tried very, very, very hard to get President Trump out of office by any means necessary.

Countless attempts have failed because stories are fabricated out of thin air.

It now looks like the Trump/Ukraine whistleblower dude is a registered Democrat.

And this is coming from CNN!




The whistleblower who filed a complaint against President Trump that now forms the center of an impeachment inquiry against him is a registered Democrat, according to a report from CNN.

That fact was reported by Inspector General for the intelligence community Michael Atkinson as an “arguable political bias on the part” of the whistleblower.

However, Atkinson also wrote in a report on the whistleblower that “such evidence did not change my determination that the complaint relating to the urgent concern ‘appears credible.’”

Breaking — A source familiar with the investigation prompted by the whistleblower tells me that the “indicia of bias of an arguable political bias on the part“ of the whistleblower referred to by the Intel Community IG, is that the whistleblower is a Registered Democrat.

From what i read and see the Democrats are the ones who should be taken out of office. They have all lied trying to impeach the president. The Democrats running today aren’t worth the time of day. They are wasting Americans money on lies and they are not giving any contributions to what needs to be done for the people. They are only interested in ousting the president. They have nothing positive to add to their party or the country.

These Democrats should be held accountable. If you lie , you pay when taxpayers money is wasted.


    Hay acuerdos legales con muchos países para arrestar e investigar a delincuentes corruptos, Italia, Francia, Ucrania, Inglaterra y otros ya investigaran a biden e hijo, pelosi, hillary y compañía,y a los que calumnian al pte,( la calumnia es un asunto jurídico, por el cual no quedaran impunes) y ya era público lo de Baden inclusive con auto confesión en video tipo viral, seria cosa nueva? ó la justicia debe actuar?
    Demócratas con ideas torcidas de la justicia se creen héroes cuando estafan a un país ó un banco, y que hay que nombrarles líderes como premio, absurdo… ¿Qué debe hacer el presidente, simplemente ignorar los actos criminales conocidos y confesados porque el viejo Joe es demócrata? o un ex vicepresidente?

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