The whole Schummer, Schiff, Pelosi, Green, etc….gang should be brought up on charges and the impeached, prosecuted and jailed with Killary Hilary at the lead.

Senator Rick Scott appeared on Fox News with a stern message for Nancy Pelosi after she withheld articles of Impeachment from the Senate. “I think she’s scared to death of sending it.” He said, referring to the articles.

According to Breitbart, during Friday’s broadcast of “Fox News Reporting,” Scott said the the Senate would rather not deal with the politically-loaded impeachment debacle of the House, adding that if Pelosi doesn’t send impeachment articles, the Senate won’t worry about it.

Scott said, “So, if Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to send it, break our hearts. I mean, the Senate didn’t want this on their lap anyway. … We wanted to get things done for the American public, pass budgets, reduce drug prices, focus on securing the border.

But this is something she created, and now she — I think she just realizes that this is bad for their elections. And so, I think she’s scared to death of sending it. But, if she does, we’ll deal with it. If she doesn’t, we won’t.”

Although Pelosi has laid claims that she is yet to see anything that seems “fair” to the Democratic party from the Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, she has faced criticisms, in addition to Trump asking for her impeachment for attempting a “Quid Pro Quo” to ensure the trial goes her way.


Top ranking Republican Senators like Chuck Grassley has argued that up till date, the Democrats are yet to produce any evidence that’s deserving of president Trump’s impeachment, adding that the Constitution says “Treason, Bribery, High Crimes and Misdemeanors” are needed to impeach a president and Trump hasn’t been accused of any of that.


To You Nancy Pelosi and your little dog too (Adam Schiff) and all you Dems should not only be embarrassed but yourselves impeached. If you think America is behind you then you are dumber than we already thought. America does not like you one bit over the lying and trying to take away one of the best things that has happened to us in a long time and that’s to get a president like we have instead of trying to fight him because you didn’t like him maybe you should have joined him and you would have looked way better than you do now because now everybody hates you and your friends the dems.

But it’s to late now y’all have lied so much there is no going back right and no body will Remember what good Nancy and her dem party Did They will alway remember how you tried to screw the Americans around by telling lies and not only lies but lies that we’re so bad you could see it a mile away so good luck with that because America is standing behind Mr.Donald J Trump (AKA) president #future president Of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Yes the Democrats need to go no more of them in the senate and congress we the majority that voted President Trump into make up a Tony excuse to get rid because they hate him won’t be able to do there crooked work any more. Once there out the republicans need to take good hard look a putting them all in prison in solidarity confinement to never do any corruption again ever.

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