Rep.Crewshaw Blast Ilhan Omar After She Said THIS!

Ilhan Omar’s has indeed received alot of criticism in the past and it’s only getting worse. Recently it was reported that protesters gathered at times square and demanded her immediate removal from Congress.

Rep. Omar made very silly comments about the September 11 attacks, she described it as an event in which “some people did something”. She made the comments while speaking at a Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) after which she recieved a lot of disapproval from several people.

Among the People was Rep. Crenshaw who quickly condemned her statement as shown In the tweet below.

Rep. Omar is well known for her controversial comments and has been accused a number of times for being anti-semitic.

Rep. Crenshaw also Blasted fresh face Congress woman Alexandria Ocasio Cortex after she made statements in defence of Ilhan Omar. “All Rep. Omar had to do was explain herself, Say whatever she wants. Say she doesn’t mean it…diffuse the situation, but dont double down,alright?  Don’t play the victim card and don’t start making accusations of me, I just think that was uncalled for” Crenshaw Said.

Ocasio cortex who claimed that Omar has done alot for the 9/11 victims and the Republicans are only “weaponizing” her(Omar’s) faith after she accused Crenshaw of taking things out of content.

“It was not taken out of content, by the way, There a alot of claims that it was”

Crewshaw expressed great disappointment in members of Congress who are trying to deflect attention from Omar by nitpicking him. Also,Rep Ilhan Omar should be brought to book for her wrongdoings.

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