Trump would not have to punch back if we started indicting deepstate criminals 2 years ago.But the administration and Republicans think putting criminal adversaries in prison is not nice.

Democrats have no such fear. They put innocent people in jail with no hesitation, the days following Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that she was beginning an impeachment inquiry into the President, President Donald Trump and his 2020 re-election campaign have been on a warpath.

Not only has the Trump campaign along with the Republican Party raised an astonishing $13 million in less than three days, but they are making it increasingly clear that they are done playing games and are going to hold everyone on the Left, including former Vice President Joe Biden accountable for their actions.

On Friday afternoon, President Trump unleashed an epic video which sheds light on the Biden-Ukraine scandal where Biden, as Vice President, bribed Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating his son.

Check out this intense video below:

The whistleblower claimed that President Trump set up a quid pro quo agreement regarding military aid with Ukraine and in return, Ukraine would investigate Joe Biden. Pelosi used the whistleblower’s claim to begin an impeachment inquiry, however the transcript of the call which was released the next day, revealed that President Trump did not leverage military aid in any way. The Democrats started an impeachment inquiry based on lies.

The memo started with President Trump congratulating Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on his election win. Shortly after the introduction, President Trump brings up Vice President Joe Biden and how he abused his power to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating his son.

There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the attorney General would be great,” Trump said in the call. “Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it…It sounds horrible to me.”

Zelensky then suggested to President Trump that they would appoint a new prosecutor. “He or she will look into the situation specifically to the company that you mentioned in this issue, the issue of the investigation of the case is actually the issue to restore the honesty so we will take care of that and we will work on the investigation of the case.”

President Trump told Zelensky he would like his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and Attorney General Bill Barr to be involved.

“I will have Mr. Giuliani give you call and I’m also going to have Attorney General Barr call and we will get to the bottom if it. I’m sure you will figure it out,” he added.

During a meeting with President Trump in New York, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters that he felt in no way pressured by President Trump to investigate Joe Biden.

“Nobody pushed me,” Zelensky said on Wednesday.

“We had a great phone call,” Zelensky added. “It was normal.”

Trump later added: “In other words, there was no pressure and you know there was no pressure.”

That’s why I love my President, he speaks his mind, tells the truth, but I really love when he punches back, something the rest of the GOP should learn.

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  1. Omar doesn’t like America she hates America, the things she says I hear loud and clear so does the president and American citizens, she must go God bless Donald Trump for standing up for America

      1. Omar or whatever her name is shouldn’t have never been let into our country anyways. She needs to GO right along with that other jihad freak.

      2. Amen that ignorant pig needs to go back where she came from! No mo.ey no benefits from our country!
        The witch spot on the tomb of the unknown soldier 👹😡

    1. If you have been watching what is going on, it all goes back to Hillary stealing the election from Bernie, Seth rich, a bernie fan working with DNC DIDNT LIKE THAT, AND STARTED COLLECTING INFO. HE WAS MURDERED, AND DONNA BRAZILLE JUST HAPPENED TO BE AT THE HOSPITAL, WHEN SETH WAS BOUGHT IN! Then, the two MS-13 gang members who shot Seth, were murdered! This is better than any movie I’ve seen! It’s all tied into the dems trying to keep Trump out, and then trying to get him out, when he got in. The corruption is huge. Obama, Hillary, comey, Brennan, Rostein, clapper, Lynch, McCabe….they all belong in prison. And Barr is going to put them there TRUMP 2020!

    2. Thank you kindly for standing up and speaking out! Respectfully, in order for evil to prevail/win is it takes Godly good people to say and do nothing! Someone replied ro my comment i left on a utube vid with this comment and I quote, ” glory to allah for its too late for America and Americans. We have infiltrated your public schools, government and there are over 200 islamists and latinos ready to storm our borders just waiting for our 2020 presidential elections. She also stated this fact, there are Supreme Court judges set and ready for retirement and new judges will implement sharia law.” There is more however, I hope you truly understand how important we legal Americans stand up and vote for our great God given U.S. Constitution of America. They are trying to take our Almighty God given freewill! Please pass this on to keep the love and peace of Jesus going for us however, we must speak out for our God given freedom! My momma’s love and peace and hugs be unto belamour!

      1. You’re right. Main Stream News like CNN, MSNBC, etc., OMIT or twist The Facts and the Truth. Plus I guess they don’t realize that the majority of us KNOW they they do so we do our OWN research, for the facts.

  2. To bad we have CORRUPT and Complicit Media. Corruption would take care of itself,if the media umpires were FAIRLY CALLING BALLS AND STRIKES. THE MEDIA’S ACTIONS ARE INCREDIBLY CORRUPT. LIKE “PRAVDA” DURING THE COLD WAR PERIOD. …….. PERIOD

  3. To bad we have CORRUPT and Complicit Media. Corruption would take care of itself,if the media umpires were FAIRLY CALLING BALLS AND STRIKES. THE MEDIA’S ACTIONS ARE INCREDIBLY CORRUPT. LIKE “PRAVDA” DURING THE COLD WAR PERIOD. …….. PERIOD

  4. You all must be kidding. Are you all forgetting all the other impeachable offenses he has committed. The emoluments clause, the constant lying, the tax cheating and obstruction of justice.

    1. You must be for socialism want free hand outs. It’s OK what the left has done wrong even touted publicly on the news and bragged over. However this country is better off than it’s been in a long time under this new president. You must be living under a rock .
      God help you

    2. Clearly you never got the memo that none of that happened.
      Now go back to your democratic socialist gods and cry about how some guy on the internet used gendered language and dared to attack with truth. Because hiding behind a Keyboard or smartphone without using your name doesn’t make you a hero for your overlords.

      1. A preplanned orchestrated campaign to commit a coup against the lawfully elected President. Too bad drum head courts are no longer allowed because the trumbles would be rolling through your neighborhood, looking for the socialist/marxist enemies of America to send them to the guillotine.

    3. Oh shut up …that doesn’t compare to the corruption of the left like yourself …you’re brainwashed or just stupid …grow a set and #walkaway dummy!

    4. Get Soros’ cock out your mouth, he didn’t file taxes last year. Did you?
      Ohh, that’s right can’t have the plebs realizing they don’t have to pay federal taxes, that would be a CONSPIRACY THEORY!
      I’m tired of you socialist parasites, the only thing you produce is CONTEMPT.
      Sloppy job dead beat.

    5. Uhhh, let’s see….no collusion with Russia, no wrongdoings with Ukraine, it’s no one else’s business regarding his tax returns, and the other crap YOU and the corrupt media are whining like babies over!! All of these LEFTISTS used to love TRUMP. Obama, Hilary, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and countless other celebrities couldn’t wait to get their picture taken with Donald Trump! Hell, Obama said in a quote, “Everyone in America should aspire to be like Donald Trump.” End quote! But ever since he ran and won the Presidency, everyone and their mother turned on him and think he’s the most corrupt person ever!!
      How many leftists should be investigated or thrown in jail?? The media et al are too stupid or refuse to investigate these people because they are owned by the Clinton’s or George Soros!
      People like Don ‘sticking his penis scented finger in another man’s nose’ Lemon, Ilhan ‘I’m married to my brother and another man, but I’m screwing a married white dude’ Omar, Hilary ‘I accidentally deleted 20,000 emails’ Clinton, Bill ‘I was seen many times at Jeffrey Epstein’s house’ Clinton, Barack ‘I gave the Iranian government 3 billion dollars in cash’ Obama, Andrew ‘Pussy boy, but trying to be tough guy’ Cuomo, Alexandria Ocazio ‘funding millions of dollars to Antifa’ Cortez, Joe ‘I like kissing little girl’s and adult women on the mouth’ Biden, and all the rest of the scum bags on the Left!!
      You are either too stupid or too young to understand the difference in these political games these morons are playing! Or you’re an idiot who wants Socialism because you feel entitled enough where you don’t actually have to work for your money and expect everyone to give you handouts! Guess what? Ask Venezuela how they’re doing with Socialism and I bet families will tell you they’ve had to eat their pets because there is no food or they have to stand in line for hours to buy a loaf of bread that costs $15.00!
      Yeah buddy, the Democrats have your best interests, don’t they!? Why don’t you ask the constituents, who voted for these idiots, how their cities are doing??
      Have these Demonrats done ANYTHING for their cities or has their ‘work’ only consisted of trying to.get Trump out of office??
      Think about that!

      1. I don’t know what the heck the left think . There complete idiots. There’s no hope for them. There just full of lies and hate like there devil possessed. It’s crazy. GOD BLESS AND PROTECT TRUMP ,GUILIANI AND ALL TRUMPS TEAM FROM THE EVIL THIS WORLD PUKES AT THEM. I PRAY These corrupted evil people fall into there own web of lies and destroy themselves for the better of this country.

    6. Open your ignorant eyes. The big liars are the Democrats and their media lapdogs. They created the biggest lie in American history with their collusion crap and their attempted coup. They are not just liars, they are out-and-out seditious criminals. Just remember, if they can do this to the duly elected president, they can do it to anyone, including YOU. If you don’t understand the danger they have created for our republic, you are, indeed, a complete idiot.

    7. I wished you aleast put your 1st name so i could direct what a leftist idiot you are,, but for now i will just call you IDIOT!!! Your Welcome

    8. You don’t know what your talking about. The Democrats are very sick with lying and brain washing people . you’ve fallen for it too.

    9. What they knock you off welfare? Please democraps are full of it! They dems ask for help in 2016 election to try and dig dirt on Trump and no one bats an eye.bidden abuses his power brags about it nothing done
      President Trump didnt ask for anything in return
      He is draining that filthy swamp from hell! And the Senate is not going to do anything so just another way to waste money and try to smear the president.He is what stands in the way of the socialist pigs taking over!and thank God he is!

    10. You are talking about Biden right? Because Donald J Trump has not int the language of the Emoluments Clause, both sweeping and unqualified. Prohibited those holding offices of profit or trust under the United States from accepting “any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever” from “any . . . foreign State” unless Congress consents and it is on tape that is exactly what Joe Biden received. A quid pro quo of a promise to give Ukraine $1 Billion if they got rid of the prosecutor investigating his son. This is blackmail committed by the former Vice President, and if you think Trump did anything wrong in reaching out to Ukraine to find out if they had found anything that needed referral to our law enforcement agencies, it was allowed by treaty between the U.S. and the Ukraine signed years ago. I hope your derangement gives you a damn stroke.

  5. Enough is enough when is this Democrats dirty games going to stop they betrayed the American citizens and lies using our tax payers money to fund illegal activities what a scumbags the 4 morons lady in Congress need to go they don’t fit to represent the peoples Omar need to be deported back to get origin country she hates American she is a fraud illegal entry to America let’s vote out the entire Democratic Party in America we don’t need this party

  6. It is a disgrace what the president has had to go through his entire term. I can’t wait until the crooked people behind all of this are put behind bars. If they would have worked with him our country would be a lot better off right now and it’s a lot better off even though they didn’t work with him. I plead the blood of Jesus over president Donald Trump and I know in my heart he will be re elected in 2020 praise God. Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP!
    We in my house are behind you all the way. You have put up with more than anyone should have to, especially the President of the USA. We love you.

    1. Public Enemy #1 of the American people, hands down, is the LameStreamMedia …the LSM… CNN who control and try and direct every narrative. It’s why Democrat criminals go free and the innocent get punished with month long unproven and anonymous accusations. Our focus should be on eliminating each and every traitor, liar, lie-by-omission operator, truth-spin spinsters and disengenuine dorks pretending to be journalists. They need to ALL be replaced with actual journalists who can verify facts and prove their truths at the same time they broadcast their stories. Otherwise, they are the same weak, lame stories we’ve been getting that control public opinion.

    2. That’s right there are more Americans wanting TRUMP 2020 then his first election so people don’t let these corrupted news channels make you think creepy Biden is winning on votes lol that’s a big joke .

  7. I really hope The President has had enough of this crap and is finally going to Clean House. We’ve All been waiting a long time. The reason the Republicans Don’t want to Arrest Anyone and want to be Nice is because Many of Them are Dirty as Well !

    1. Yep I believe that as well. If there not wanting these dirty dems investigated I believe there involved in illegal acts themselves, cause these crooks on the left definitely need prison time and to never be allowed to work for this country again. LOCK THEM UP !

  8. When Trump decided to expose the corruption of our government he didn’t know the depths of the corruption. Trump has turned out to be an amazing president. People that only listen to the leftist news have no idea of what he has done. Not only the amazing accomplishments he has done for us domestically and abroad, but he is also the best whistle blower we have ever seen for corruption in our government. The Democrats know the things he is exposing and they try to preempt the damage to them by going for this impeachment investigation. The leftist democrats always accuse their opponents with things they are guilty of. They think if they accuse their opponent first of what they are doing, then people won’t believe it when they are accused. This is a technique of sociopaths. The real sick thing is that our news medias are part of this corruption.
    I hope Trump and Attorney General Barr can expose much of the corruption in our government. But what can we do about propaganda in our news medias and schools?
    Our corrupt leftist media has become only propaganda when it comes to politics. The journalists are not even taught to be real journalists. They are brainwashed in school to think one way and they are taught to hate people that think differently. Many of the so-called journalists think they are doing the right thing. They believe in the propaganda they were taught and they believe any lies justifies their goals.
    Professors are so messed up in our Universities because they were brainwashed also. They don’t even know the real meaning of critical thinking. Leftists have twisted the meanings of things that will get them into trouble. Their objective is to have total government control. There are innocent brainwashed people that call themselves leftist…. they don’t realize the goals of the left. The real goal of the left is socialism, communism, fascism, Marxism. The left twists everything with their deceptions …. one example: They have tried to change the definition of fascism as being the politically right (you will even find that twisted definition when you google fascism). The group called Antifa protest against conservatives. Antifa members don’t even know that conservatives are fighting for the freedoms of everyone. Antifa is fighting for the left not even realizing that the end result of leftist goals is fascism. Millions of college students are brainwashed every day into believing the lies of the left. The professors don’t even realize what they are doing.
    Europe only hears from our leftist news medias. They believe the things they see in the news. Huge parts of our population believe the lies from our news media. This is mass manipulation like we have never seen. Every day we see the lies being spewed and the media doesn’t even bother making corrections when they are caught in their lies. The leftist media has given the Pulitzer prize to their journalists for lying about the Russia scandal.
    There has been some real journalism over the last couple of years though. There are two amazing journalists that have been reporting the truth, John Solamon from “The Hill” and Sara Carter from Fox News. John Solamon has been investigating the corruption from the Obama administration concerning Ukraine and Russia. You know when you are uncovering the truth when the leftist media and leftist politicians start attacking you. This is the sad truth now. When someone speaks the truth about anything in politics they are attacked viciously from the left.
    There are some amazing people trying to help expose the truth; Candace Owens, Dinesh D’Souza (I hope that is spelled correctly), Sean Hannity (the left constantly lies about Sean Hannity to try to discredit him), Michelle Malkin, John Solamon, Sara Carter, Greg Jarett, Larry Elder, and other conservatives. When any conservative exposes the corruption of the left, they are taking higher risks than ever before. I admire so many good conservatives.
    What worries me is the widespread of propaganda in America. Millions of youth are taught every day to think one way only and to hate others that think differently. They are taught that conservatives are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. This hate has been so ingrained in them, that many of them never grow out of this hate and bigotry they have been taught. The professors don’t even realize that they were also brainwashed and don’t have the ability to think critically. People like Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro and other conservatives that go as speakers at Universities to try to start conservations with our brainwashed youth are so brave and need more support from all of us.
    Thank you President Trump for exposing the corruption in our government. He has exposed it more than anyone ever has. I am encouraged by seeing life-long democrats are seeing the corruption and walking away from the democratic party.
    Thank you President Trump for the amazing job you are doing as President.
    This is a war of truth and corrupt left. If the Left wins, our country will become, socialist and eventually worse as part of the corrupt world order. This is a sad truth that has been hidden from us, but President Trump is trying to fight this war and we all owe him so much for his efforts. Think of the unbelievable corruption and harm that Hilary would have caused if she was elected. We have been blessed that she has been exposed. Joe Biden has been exposed now also.

    1. Mark White, you’re so right. It’s sickening what they are doing to the children, they are confusing the hell out of them. Now we have grade-school kids who “identify as gender-neutral,” Mattel has come out with a “gender-neutral” Barbie (letter writers, time to write!), and the latest, today, I read that a high school Homecoming Queen was a guy in a dress—they’re calling him a Homecoming :”Royal.” Is this what we want our children indoctrinated into? Sure hope not. If you’ve got school kids, better check what they’re being told, or home-school them, cause this is what’s going on.


  9. The Democrats will not give up because they believe Zinn’s “The People’s History of the United States” to be true. As long as they believe it, they will continue to fight against the “evil” of capitalism.


  11. Wow, I’m so glad you put this up. There are too many people who really think President Trump is what these liars say he is, they need to wake up! it’s going to be a landslide win for him in 2020, because as long as he is loyal to the people, nothing will stop him. KAG 2020!

  12. Dont let the Democrips take down the best president America ever had. To all American patriots i want to send my best wishes and respect from Slovenia. God bless America.


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