Today President Trump was fearless and stood up for the 2nd Amendment. On Wednesday while speaking with reporters the President stood firm and said he will avoid a “slippery slope.”

During a press gaggle outside the White House a reporter asked President Trump about background checks the President responded:

“We have a lot of background checks right now, gun owners can tell you that, others can tell you that. There are certain weaknesses, we want to fix the weaknesses. I think that will happen, let’s see what happens. I’m concerned that no matter what we agree to, when we get there, the Democrats will say, ‘Oh, now we want this and we want [that].’ You know it’s a slippery slope, and that’s what, actually, your gun owners and a lot of other people are concerned with.”

The Press and activists in the Democrat Party are trying to use mass shootings to tear the President’s base away from him using gun control. On Monday, Senator Schumer said, “We’ve seen this movie before: President Trump, feeling public pressure in the immediate aftermath of a horrible shooting, talks about doing something meaningful to address gun violence, but inevitably, he backtracks in response to pressure from the NRA and the hard right. These retreats from President Trump are not only disappointing but also heartbreaking, particularly for the families of the victims of gun violence. The way forward is for Sen. McConnell to put the bipartisan House-passed universal background checks bill on the Senate floor for a vote immediately.”

There hahs been some bipartisan support from the usual Rhinos, including Manchin (D-W.Va.), Toomey (R-Pa.), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio) have been discussing ideas with each other or with the White House.

However, today the President was loud and clear, you can watch his full remarks below. You may need to turn up the volume it’s low.

Make America Great Again!

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