Earlier, Russian president Vladimir Putin thanked President Donald Trump for intel provided which was used to prevent a terror attack planned for New Year’s eve in Russia.

During a phone call which was initiated by Russia, the Kremlin (the official residence of the President of Russia) discussed matters of mutual benefits with the United States during which intel was provided by the Trump administration which lead to the arrest of two terrorists (Russian citizens) who were planning terror attacks at public places in Russia.

Trump is the best president the USA has had since Reagan and support Trump as I did with Reagan God Bless the United States of America — as for the socialism the demonic Democrats want to push on the citizens — this is a free market no socialism here.

In a statement issued by the Kremlin, “The attackers planned to strike crowded sites including Kazan Cathedral, a landmark Orthodox Christian church. The information received from the C.I.A. was sufficient to search for and detain criminals. The head of the Russian state asked the American president to convey words of thanks to the director of the C.I.A.”

It is just a matter of time before the Trump-Hating Democrats (Pelosi, Schiff and others) send another whistleblower to lie about this phone call and new article of impeachment will be drafted because Trump helped the Russians prevent terrorist attack.

I’m glad that we informed Russia. We should because like it or not we all share this planet, we are neighbors. We should do unto others as we’d have (or want) them to do unto us. We are all human beings. We are all God’s Children. Treat your brother & sisters well. Look out after one another’s well being. Love, forgiveness of past mistakes, be kind and considerate, understanding and use discernment not judgement! Life here is the only life we have so why not make it the best possible. If you know, and unless you live in a bubble, you do know that people are suffering and you don’t do anything to change that then how do you sleep at night? How do look at yourself in the mirror? Put yourself in others situation. Imagine that’s you or your loved one how terrible it be for you especially if you on your own and no one came to your aid….just try.

Find your heart, your conscience…and then let them feel. Don’t hate. Don’t partake in evil or immoral acts, expose evil but love, pray and TRUELY be your brothers and sisters keepers.

Good for us, I hope we helped to save lives this Blessed season. I found out while living n Europe that people are people, no matter where we live. It is the Governments which get in the way of Peace on Earth.



  1. Where is the media that should be investigating Pelosi and others who hate Trump because he is shaking up their world and exposing their greedy ways. Legislators and gov/’t officials who use appointments and legislation to benefit themselves should be exposed. They should not be allowed to take advantage of the legislation thye are passing to help line their pockets. Where is the moral outrage from the media on this matter! Why!!! Instead they are allowed a pass while foaming at the mouth over how bad Donald Trump and ranting and raving lies and innuendo to undermine his Presidency and thus the people of America. The mainstream media is woefully negligent in pursuing and revealing the truth about our government.
    We have “FREEDOM OF THE PRESS” and it has made the media lazy and irresponsible. They are fed information in a “tablet” and do nothing and know nothing about real journalism. But they are college graduates. No wonder our nation is in such a bad state when colleges and universities turn out people like them.

    1. I Agree 100% with everything you stated Emma Van Iwaarden! That’s the problem these dems have gotten away with so much for decades We didn’t have internet back in the days to truly research and see all the lies they’ve done ..Now we do & We the People see through all the garbage. They want nothing more than for us to be a nwo country..I’m not sure if you’ve seen the videos recently leaked of Bernie Sanders staff wanting to put us in these concentrations camps that’s where the free schooling comes in to play for us to be a communist/socialist country. It’s sad how many folks have fallen for all his crap

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