On Sunday Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff announced that the “whistleblower” will testify before committee, Schiff made the announcement during an appearance on ABC “This Week.”

“That whistleblower will be allowed to come in without White House or DOJ lawyers to tell him or her what they can or can’t say,” Schiff said, comparing the situation to acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Mcguire’s testimony on the issue Thursday. “We are taking all the precautions we can to protect the whistleblower’s identity.”

On Sunday night President Trump responded and demanded to face his accuser.

Has any one thought to ask why did the congress( Nancy Pelosi) change the whistleblower law allowing anyone to be a whistleblower, instead of what the original law stated that the so called whistleblower had to have first hand knowledge of an act being done. Stop and think about this; this was changed in 2017 or 2018, they had this planned for a long time and this guy was a plant by the democrats because this is the only way they could get to President Trump. they have tried everything that their evil LITTLE minds could think of doing, and still haven’t been able to take him done. Democrats so corrupt it isn’t funny, they need to be voted out of office to save our country.


The Democrats are trying to do everything behind closed doors away from the eyes of the public so they are not exposed for their own corruption.  This whole conspiracy has been a set up against the President from the beginning and I don’t think the American people are going to stand for it.


  1. We Americans are now tired of the Democratic Party. From a Ex-Democrat something has to be done to stop Pelosi, Schiff and the rest of these Deep State traders. I’m for the Death Penalty now for these Treasonous Acts especially the Bonnie and Clyde of politics Bill and Hillary Clinton..

    1. I think it’s time start with schift and move on down the line Cummings will be next let’s shut them down for good president trump start your investigation and we can set back and watch these rats eat each other up

    2. I too was a Democrat. No more, not since Trump being for the American people. Since Trump’s election, I have seen a horror of a Democrat Party. A party of liers, and in the Ukraine, someone who was definitely bribing foreign officials to tow the line. Imagine Hunter Biden, if what he got money for isn’t illegal it damn sure should be.

    3. Amen! I’ve been saying that for 3 years! Kathy Griffin actually threatened President Trump with that severed Trump head. She should have been the first to be arrested and executed! Then all these other celebrities insulting the President. Especially Robert DeNiro and George Lopez. Oh and let’s not forget the crones on The Peeew (the view).Whoopsi Goldberg and Joyless Behar! They have articulated physical harm to Trump on that stupid show! They should be arrested and executed for TREASON as well! The ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC party in Congress and the House (those who are going along with the Squad and Pelosi) should be arrested as well. They are ALL TRAITORS and should be treated as such!

  2. Ucrania No pertenece a Rusia y pelosi no siempre será cenadora y no tendrá fueros que la protejan y dará a cuenta por violar la constitución y calumniar, no siempre será cenadora En su llamada Trump dejo ver que en Ucrania existen unas computadoras con los email de Hillary y Biden e hijo, ya le investigaron a Biden e hijo? Quien espió las llamadas del presidente? Un demócrata? Es ilegal un delito e inmoral es un socialista!!
    los demócratas tienen visión torcida del futuro para América y el mundo: una sociedad inmoral-satanista a estos demócratas “cristianos” falsos cristianos No les es suficiente matar americanos con el aborto a estos demócratas “cristianos” que posibilitan pasar drogas, tráfico humano, armas e ilegales contra ciudadanos americanos, NINGÚN CRISTIANO DEBE SER DEMÓCRATA: que apoya la ilegalidad, ABORTO, las drogas, trata de seres humanos, esclavitud con deudas e intereses, homosexualismo y otras ideologías pervertidas, el satanismo, liberalismo, mentiras…y legiones de perversidades… una sociedad inmoral-satanista

    1. También estoy de acuerdo con los caballeros que Dios prevalecerá en esto. Golpeará a los demócratas que usan Su nombre para avanzar en su agenda y nos traerá la victoria aquí en Estados Unidos.

  3. These dem traitor’s should all be rounded up and put before a firing squad, i can’t believe what i see they are doing to trump who i think is the best president America has ever had, it is affecting the whole world. Action should be taken to remove these traitors immediately before they do more damage

  4. They all need to be indicted for treason for their unlawful acts to take down a duly elected President. When the American people learn of how deep and wide the corruption goes, the Democratic party will be eliminated and hopefully replaced by a party that truly does represent the American people!


  6. After the 2020 election, I believe President Trump and his administration and supportive aides in the House and Senate will appoint their new recruits to replace all those link to the Swamp.

    President Trump must personally set up a new and incorruptible department in DOJ headed by three highly respected and proven characters who also passed the US Constitutional Laws Examination with distinction. (Levin, Durhham, Barr are good choices.)

    They will hold the position of Country Prosecutors and Law Enforcers. They are subject to the Death Penalty if found guilty of violation of criminal laws beyond the shadow of doubt.

    Supporting them is a completely new CIA headed by Nunes, Fitton, and Horowitz. The current CIA ought to be suspended for investigation and all those found to be link, connected, and engaged in all forms of partison politics, violation of the Law of Tort, and improper conduct, including arrogance and not cooperative shall be dismissed, while the rest of the “clean and patriotic” officers shall join the new CIA.

    This new department is also empowered by new legislated laws to prosecute any media and TV shows for violation of the Law of Tort in their daily reporting. Penalty is both fine, jail and no longer able to practice in the same industry.

    All alleged offenders shall be under Close Arrest in a Special Cell for them to prepare their defence in the Court of Law. No bail shall be granted.

    Lastly, the new Conservative Congress ought to legislate a new law – Harassment and Protection Law. All violators can be arrested in public and or in their homes shall be thrown into the Special Cell under Close Arrest and be given time to prepare their defence in the Court of Law. Penalty is fine, jail, canning and hard labor or all of them.

    This is the only way to drain the swamp and or deep state in order to Make America Great Again and Keep America Safe, Strong and Prosperous. Right now, the whole country is divided because of weak execution of the law and also unequal justice system.

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