Senator Kamala Harris is involved in an extortion, perjury and fraud scheme. The scheme was reported to the FBI who informed the victim they referred the matter to the Northern California US Attorney’s Office. The victim’s complaint identified as a co-conspirator Miles Frederick Ehrlich, who was employed by the Northern California US Attorney’s Office as an Assistant US Attorney. Apparently, because of Ehrlich’s relationships with persons employed there, the Northern California US Attorney’s Office failed to investigate the victim’s complaint. Congress needs to investigate this matter including Kamala Harris’ involvement in the scheme.

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) said Monday night on CNN that President Donald Trump should be suspended from Twitter for threats to the whistleblower and tweeting Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) should be arrested for treason.

Harris said, “Frankly, when you look at what he’s been tweeting today, directed at the whistleblower, directed at so many people, I frankly, think that based on this and all we’ve seen him do before, including attacking members of Congress that frankly his Twitter account should be suspended.”

A Dem Presidential candidate calling for the silencing of an American.

Who are the fascists again? And they won’t stop there.

Democrats need to realise that the American people stand firmly behind Trump, she needs to give herself a break and be more interested in her own life rather than going after the President 24/7.

Fifth place and falling fast.
She’s done. Bashing Trump 24/7 is not a platform, but it’s the only way she can get attention. America has already said “No Thanks” to the bossy little troll. Shes almost as Unlikable as hillary!!

Another wanna be presidential puppet calling for outright censorship of the opposition. First it was Biden requesting that Giuliani be blocked from going on the major networks and now this Affirmative-action Fraud KamalaToe requesting that our Commander-in-Chief be silenced.
This is straight up Communism folks, that’s why we refer to them as the CommieRats.

She could be Obama ’s sister, only difference America will not be fooled again.
I just want to go on record that I never voted for brown clown 0bama.


Kamala Harris: Trump Should Be Suspended From Twitter — His Words Could Result in Harm to People

Democrats Should Be Suspended From Planet Earth – Their Actions Harm Human Beings Every Second Of Every Day Fixed it.

We the people need to show the Democrats that we stand firmly behind our president who has been doing and continues to do an excellent job by signing this PETITION Now.



    1. Kamala Harris needs to be investigated, and Nancy Pelosi, chuck Schumer, and many others.
      I believe that there are many in Congress that are corrupt. I believe that many of the members of Congress have committed treason and not only treason but hi treason by taking bribes and money from crooked people in high places to destroy America and to bring in socialism and the green new deal is part of agenda 21 . AOC is being informed and told what to do, and probably being payed by somebody. I would check everybody in Congress for off shore bank accounts.

    2. There is more then her fbi CIA don been against us since NAFTA . So many people been hurt from all of there anti American rhetoric!

  1. That one lady that shouldn’t be anywhere near our secret files, and I’d definitely send her back to where she came from.

  2. Trump has been hard at work since he was elected
    Y ELLOS DESTRUYENDO EL PARTIDO DEMÓCRATA… … En su llamada Trump dejo ver que en Ucrania existen los email de Hillary y Biden e hijo, ya le investigaron a Biden e hijo? Quien espió las llamadas del presidente? Un demócrata? Es ilegal un delito e inmoral es un socialista!!
    los demócratas tienen visión torcida del futuro para América y el mundo: una sociedad inmoral-satanista a estos demócratas “cristianos” falsos cristianos No les es suficiente matar americanos con el aborto a estos demócratas “cristianos” que posibilitan pasar drogas, tráfico humano, armas e ilegales contra ciudadanos americanos, NINGÚN CRISTIANO DEBE SER DEMÓCRATA: que apoya la ilegalidad, ABORTO, las drogas, trata de seres humanos, esclavitud con deudas e intereses, homosexualismo y otras ideologías pervertidas, el satanismo, liberalismo, mentiras…y legiones de perversidades… una sociedad inmoral-satanista

    1. I can,t sigh either.. Boy, it’s really hard to fight this evil… BUT , We will prevail.. Keep standing for the truth.

  3. A filthy sewer trying2 get at everything they can. All 3,4 of them. Filthy sewer rats!!! Flush them down the toilet.

  4. Get ready folks. Killery Rotten Clinton is going to be popping into the race for POTUS again. There are already T-shirts out that say Hillary 2020. When will all the insanity end? When Jesus returns for us at last.

  5. This is a CIA she devil. It has also been said she is the aunt of f one Jussie S. She does not boast in how many people she’s put in prison. If folks knew what shes done to us she wouldn’t stand a chance at winning a nomination. If she gets the power of potus we will all be behind bars. I sign to petition her out of Congress.

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