What the liberal media is not telling the public is that an Embassy is considered sovereign in soil and when the U.S. Embassy was attacked, President Trump requested that Iraq take control and stop the attacks. When the attacks escalated, President Trump, as the leader of the U.S. did not need to consult with the House or Congress, as the attacks were deemed an Act of War. In addition, you better believe President Trump consulted with our high ranking military leaders and spoke with the leaders of Iraq and Iran before the attack was ever made. In addition, the mere fact that the U.S. was given 24 hour notice to evacuate the U.S. military base before it was bombed, only tells logical individuals, that the move was a strategic move to keep face before the Iranian people and the world. It was all appropriately planned.

After president Trump requested the execution of Iranian General in Iraq, Nancy Pelosi have contended that the President has utilized a “Provocative and Disproportionate” power against General Soleimani without Congressional endorsement, and in that capacity should have been defied.

Pelosi has her feathers twisted because she wasn’t consulted as the foreign diplomat. However, she made her bed with Trump, and now she has to lie in it. Her main responsibilities have been ignored because she spends all her time trying to impeach our president. As far as I am concerned, she has been ineffective at her post and needs to be removed.


In 2011, President Barack Obama didn’t request congressional endorsement before utilizing military power against Libya. But when confronted about Obama’s move against Libya without Congressional approval, the present Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi thought it was alright for the former president to do as such.

Madame leader, you’re saying that the president did not need authorization, initially, and still does not need any authorization from Congress to go in Libya,” a reporter asked Pelosi.

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