Yes it is all about the money Except for President Trump it is all about the love of the American People. Why do you think the dems hate him so much under obama they made millions taking taxpayers money and being paid off by lobbyist. Not any more President Trump stopped all that and that is why they hate him so much. I wish the American people would wake up and stop the dems from spreading hatred. Even some Republicans are angry they can’t make the big bucks anymore.

Two of my previous Kamala Harris stories were rated as false or a mixture. The false story was because I used a terrible source for the story, who actually made it up. The second was rated a mixture because it involved a quote from her father, but I guess it seemed skeptical coming from him.

I got this story straight from the fact checkers themselves at Politifact. You see, I don’t care for that fake news nonsense and anyone writing fake news is just an idiot. There’s so many good stories nowadays that we don’t need to fake it.

This story goes into details about how Kamala Harris claimed she sued Exxon when she was the attorney general. However, Politifact researched it and found out that Harris LIED.

The claim happened during a CNN town hall event and Harris said she would take on the big oil people.

In answer to a direct question, she claimed she already did that as California’s attorney general.

“So, Senator Harris, what would you do? Would you sue them? Sue Exxon Mobil?” asked moderator Erin Burnett.

“I have sued Exxon Mobil,” Harris replied.

Did she?

This is where Politifact jumps in and totally wrecks Kamala Harris’ story and finds out she FLAT OUT LIED LIKE A ROTTEN SCOUNDREL!

Here’s what Politifact reported and I’ll give you the short version, because that’s all we need to know.

We found Harris’ office investigated Exxon in 2016 over allegations it lied to the public and its shareholders about the risk to its business from climate change. The Los Angeles Times detailed that probe in a January 2016 news article. It said Exxon rejected the allegations.

But there’s no public record, and nothing that Harris’ campaign could provide, to show she filed a lawsuit against the company.


No record of her filing a lawsuit.KAMALA HARRIS LIED!!!

It seems that lying is all that she has to run on. I don’t know why she thinks that the American people are as naive.

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