AOC and Omar are a disease that has infected our great Nation. We must fight back at the polls and remove these threats. They spread hate and divide us as a people. Which is why we must act now. The left should not be allowed to spread hate and made up false  narratives such as Racism ( which is being used as a weapon to attack the president). The Squad must be removed now.

Today I am emphatically calling on all PJTN “Watchmen” and all concerned Americans to join “The Million Signature March,” a national petition to demand the immediate resignation of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

These leftist women need to be kicked out of Congress and preferably America! #destroythesquad 🇺🇸


Agreed! These two ARE a disease that needs to be removed from office. They are not there for the betterment of this country, they are there for the betterment of themselves, and their socialist political agenda. Americans have had enough of these baseless idiots who have absolutely no knowledge of what this country is all about. If they were to go across this country and spoke their diatribe, they would be lucky to make it back to the rock they crawled out from under. They need to go, and the sooner the better.

In the cases of Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib, these three uneducated Congresswomen who arose from the anti-Semitic, un-American, Women’s March are waging an unholy war in Congress to belittle the Holocaust, normalize anti-Semitism, mainstream anti-Americanism and whitewash Islamism. We the people, will not idly stand by as subversive forces openly work to destroy our country from within.

Time is urgent! When news broke last week of her shameful anti-Semitic messaging, President Trump called for her to resign from her Congressional seat. Even her own Democrat colleagues echoed Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s tepid call for Omar to apologize.




  1. The quad squad are a bunch of anti American, Anti America ,anti White ,racist women who hate anything that has to do with America being America. If they don’t like America don’t try to destroy it and make it like the place some of them left to find a better life. If you want America like Somalia go fix Somalia America is great with out you !

  2. Look at south Africa._. Lets look at the Negro SAVAGE murder mind set , even Monkeys are more Civil They kill the white farmers who grow their food so their own negro savage babies starve , and then have the gall to ask the white privlage Americans for aid . But wait theirs more._ The fucking Who’re women Can’t stop from reproducing knowing future hardship because thats how smart they are and After all the whites leave they will kill eachother just like the savages they are. Send her back._and the rest of those Fuckers

  3. The question, “Can’t we all just get along?!!!” rings so loudly in my head I have a headache! My tax dollars are paying for these ungrateful, self serving degenerates to attack my freedoms. They shout obscenities when they don’t get their way. They create destructive mobs in the streets when they lose a vote. They whine and cry … maybe someone should give them a trophy ? They DON’T serve the people. They hypnotize them with rhetoric. Drain the Swamp! Take back our rights and Make America GREAT again.

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