Once again Rep. Ilhan Omar has been Exposed for her lies as she thrives to do anything possible to remain one of the most controversial lawmakers.

Ilhan Omar’s latest scandal which revolves around her marriage history and the allegation that she has committed unforgivable immigration fraud. It became a bigger issue when her office claimed that questions into her personal life are illegitimate. Therefore, she will not say anything. From the outright refusal to make any comments or answer any questions it has become quite clear..there is indeed a cockroach in Omar’s secret closest.

A couple of weeks back Michelle Malkin also called out Omar on her fraudulent marriage to her own brother which is nothing but disgusting.

From the tweet above, it is evident that Omar has indeed lied about a lot of things. The secret source code above was first made public by David Steinberg who also discovered an Instagram account which was deleted long ago belonging to Omar’s brother(husband).

Hashtags saying “uncle time” and such words such as  “nieces and nephews” were also seen on the account…from the above evidence it is nothing but crystal clear that Omar has some explanations in regards to her fraudulent marriage after which she should be tried and sentenced.

Steinberg has done a great job in bringing Omar’s wrongdoings to light. It is now left for the stories to be reviewed the greater goal of bringing Omar to justice.


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