In response to Ilhan Omar’s backlash at Alabama GOP for seeking her expulsion from Congress, Former Alabama failed senatorial candidate Roy Moore said Trump should send the Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar back to wherever she came from.

The Minnesota congresswoman attacked him and Alabama Republicans after the wrote a petition urging the Federal court to trial her and expel her from Congress.

Over the weekend, the Alabama GOP passed a resolution calling for Omar to be expelled from Congress.

Moore fired back at Omar on Twitter saying that he “fully supports the resolution” to force Omar out of office and that President Trump “was right” to direct Omar and other members of Congress to “go back to Somalia from whence she came.”

The failed Senate candidate was in support of comments the president made last month, in which he encouraged Omar and three other prominent progressive members of Congress to go back to where they came from if they are unhappy in the United States.

They should have kicked this Omar out the very day she walked into Congress just like they should have done with Cortez Talib and this Presley. Maybe people will wake up to these 4 jokes in 2020 and vote them out they are not only Liars but stupid racists as well so get this out to everyone in this Muslims District as well as the districts the other three are from use your brains see them for the traitors they are and for the garbage they spew out before it’s too late.

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