AOC voted TWICE to NOT give these illegal migrants money for aid and now she LIES & says they were forced to drink out of a toilet. The women denied they said that
AOC you are a liar & fraud. These people are not being held against their will, they can return to their homes TODAY!” A citizen responded angrily to congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortex after she tweeted.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, what you’re saying is, the Border Patrol threatened you sexually? How? So, they threatened to rape you in front of the other Congressional visitors? Sure. Maybe you did drink from the toilet after all.

It’s obvious that AOC is just trying to push a false narrative, she doesn’t really care about what happens to the illegal immigrants. We should call out hipocracy when we see one.

Some dude on Twitter posted pics trying to back her up but it actually proves her bullshit. They aren’t being forced to drink out of toilets as she claims; there are water fountains built into the toilets.

(He also admits these pics are from 2015…under Obama’s watch.) . Check out the tweet below

Kindly note, this picture dates far back to 2015 long before Trump became the president of the United states.And yet, “Trump makes them drink out of toilets” will remain their narrative.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortex continues to get bolder with her LIES, If Crisis exists; they were caused by Obama not Trump but AOC and the Democratic lawmakers are not interested in this, they just want to sale the false narrative to people she only wants to sale lies for her political gain. This is a deliberate attempt designed to misinform and mislead the American people.IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THE TRUTH IS.!. THEY DON’T CARE.

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  1. I am really sick of Cortez and the lies that she feeds to the country. Cortez has continually attempted to caused strife between the people, cost NY jobs, has no idea what the truth sounds or looks like, she has lied about her upbringing, lacks economic knowledge, and has demonstrated she doesn’t like America and the people. She is suppose to work for the people not the people work for her.

  2. What is taking so long to get her out of Congress ?? She’s commited so many crimes but NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT !!

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