Seems things are about to go from bad to worse for loud mouth Adam Schiff as GOP Senator Josh Hawley is preparing to push forward a drafted motion to subpoena Adam Schiff, Others in the ongoing Senate trial of President Donald Trump.

Gateway Pundit reports:

“Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) drafted motions to subpoena impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff, ICIG Michael Atkinson, Eric Ciaramella, Hunter Biden and Joe Biden to testify.

“If the Senate calls witnesses, I will ask for votes on all these next week,” Hawley said.”

The 2 Hrs today certainly put some claims made by Schiff on a list of lies or untrue Statements. We know anyone else that lies before a Judge is charged with perjury. I believe with the number of times Schiff has knowingly lied, even in front of Judge Roberts. The Judge should charge Schiff when his lies are critical when he does so against the PRESIDENT.

The corruption that go’s on with the dual citizenship connection with
and for a foreign occupation, their Lobby, and leaders. Foreign Policy
of give away of tax payer money, and objection by the President leads
to impeachment of our greatest President.
The people that need to be arrested, Jailed, and removed from office, Schiff, Nader, Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the dual citizens in our government.

We need to put them out of office, they should lose all benefits !!

We Have Listened to 3 days of HORSE SHIT: The Media, Lobbies, and the Democrats are not trusted, believed  to be influened by foreign

people & organizations, many have sworn allegiance to a foreign power that donates to their campaigns. Leading to billions given to foreign illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, by our congress.  Government of, for and by the AMERICAN PEOPLE.  Not the foreign imposters
stealing us blind.

The yelling, screaming, story telling, fit throwing democrats can not face the facts ..Social
Media is trusted more than the ABC, CBS, CNN,ETC the fake news media that is inluenced by the top 2%.  Others wait for the bobble-heads to be off air, then return to the TV.


    1. The despicable conduct of Adam Schiff and crew does rise to the level of TREASON! An example of all of them must be so that we may never again have experience such a shameful display of ‘Hatred & Disdain’ for our Nation! Each and every one of these reprobates have violated their oaths of office multiple times, something they no longer have respect for! God Bless America & Our President Donald J. Trump .

    2. Funny how you liberals block my post. I only stated facts and never cussed anyone ,, not even the POS weasel rat pencil neck

  1. Never seen such a circus lie after lie failed plan after failed plan did impeach a president who is doing a remarkable job at least he’s not giving a hundred and fifty billion dollars to the Iranian whose idea was that and they chant death to America I’m sure it was a Democrat but that killer real story they lied in their blood and they’ve lied so now that it’s all over are the Democrats going to do the same thing for the next 4 years if so can we get a tax break or somebody else paid for it give the American people break but thanks to Donald Trump we’re all working so there’s no time for a break

  2. Democrats are trying to hide all of their misdeeds and unlawful actions! Corruption and extortion has been running rampant in the Democratic Party! Our great President is showing these misdeeds and is shutting down the money flowing into the swamp! He also has put in place that when you are out of politics you return to the same life style of all Americans no longer will they be paid for the rest of their lives and they will be forced to obtain their own health care and not get the medical benefits allowed during time in office!
    These changes must advance in the 2020 elections! These people should not have any more rights than everyone else in America ounce out of office! Another thing we will vote on is term limits on all positions in congress no more career politicians that’s what creates corruption! Trump has my vote in November and the republicans! Democrats have shown that their party is completely unnecessary! What have they done for us since Trump has been in office! NOTHING

  3. These appalling traitors are scrambling for their asses knowing all too well theyre going down like the pathetic wretches they are. Theyre the ones guilty of violation of constitution not Trump! Treason! Possibly espionage, Id bet theres extortion going on as well. Judgement should be filed for restitution to the American public for wasting hard tax dollars! Absolutely outrageous!

  4. Schifty Schitt is a waste of air. He spews more horse💩💩 than a jiffy Johnny port a pot at Woodstock. Schiff is not capable of telling the truth. The whole Lobotomy Party needs to stop meeting Timothy Leary for the LSD breakfast 5 days a week

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