Pelosi and Schiff must resign due to their blatant perjury, Schiff for lying under oath, Pelosi for abetting Schiff by lying to the public.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump floated the idea of suing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi after she defended Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff’s fabricated story, saying that he used “Trump’s own words” during a congressional hearing.

During a hearing last week with Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, Schiff gave his fabricated account of what happened during the infamous phone call. Almost every word was made up. Instead of condemning Schiff for lying to the American people, Pelosi is defending the California representative.

This is slander. It’s not just a lie. Bobble-headed Schiff even said it was a “parody” and she had to have known what he was saying.

“This is the essence of what the president communicates,” Schiff started while giving his fabricated phone call. “We’ve been very good to your country, very good, no other country has done as much as we have, but you know what, I don’t see much reciprocity here. I hear what you want. I have a favor I want from you, though. And I’m going to say this only seven times, so you better listen good.”

Schiff continued with his made up quotes: “I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand, lots of it, on this and on that. I’m going to put you in touch with people, not just any people, I’m going to put you in touch with the attorney general of the United States, my attorney general Bill Barr. He’s got the whole weight of the American law enforcement behind him.”

He continued: “‘And I’m going to put you in touch with Rudy — you’re going to love him, trust me. You know what I’m asking, and so I’m only going to say this a few more times in a few more ways. And by the way, don’t call me again, I’ll call you when you’ve done what you’ve asked.’ This is the sum and character what the president was trying to communicate with the president of Ukraine. It would be funny if it wasn’t such a graphic betrayal of the president’s Oath of Office.”

During an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Pelosi claimed that Schiff’s words were not made up.

Her blatant lie was so obvious, that Democrat Stephanopoulos even called her out on it. “Those weren’t the President’s words…He made this up,” Stephanopoulos said.

President Trump later hammered the Speaker of the House in a tweet:

Don’t sue! ARREST! This is treason! AMERICA DESERVES to see arrests! They have had to foot the bill for all the dems fraudulent crimes. We want them prosecuted, not sued! Gitmo for all of them! Seriously, we the people expect it.

What are your thoughts?, kindly let us know in the comments below.


        1. The Communist Control Act of 1954 needs enforced, and this law would eliminate Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Democratic Communist Party from serving this Country. We are losing are freedoms.

        2. Amen to that my Bible says in the end of days peaple will say evil is good and good is evil pretty plain to see i would say, with the demoncrats pushing to make my Bible a book of hate i say if were not in the last days maybe when they (socialist demoncrats) gather you up and put you to death or prison just for having a Bible you will beleive then and even the mentally challenged can see what direction we are clearly headed.

        3. Amen to that! Anyone who still believes Trump is the problem needs to go to gizmo with the crooks. Because they are aiding and abetting the criminals

      1. You are just plain stupid, if you can’t see whats going on you really are a sheep. Stupid people can’t think for themselves. Herd mentality.

      2. Trump has done so much for American people. So far there’s no proof of the allegations Democrats have pursued.
        What have the Democrats done in these 3 years for America?
        Nothing….if you dont count witchunts.

        What say Ye?

      3. Its people like you that is brainwashes by the liberal News Media. The Democratic Communist Party is dismantling the Constitution and turning our culture upside down by every perversion known to man. Liberalism is a Mental illness,

        1. The Constitution is liberalism, Classic liberalism. What you are referring to is leftism and authoritarianism. There is a big difference. Liberalism is a term that has been co-opted by the authoritarian left and it’s time we recapture it and stop dragging its name through the dirt.

        2. Raven I would agree with one proviso. post modern liberalism is a mental illness. classical liberalism is that of Jefferson, Washington, Adams, and Franklin etc.

      4. Any time a person of power stands up for the rights of freedom and justice, they are labeled mad. God is on the side of Trump because more than draining the swamp, he is supporting Israel. Any people who support God’s Holy Land will be blessed. God bless America and Israel! Trump 2020!

        1. I totally agree the whole country should ask not what God can do for our country but rather how can I obey God to fulfill Gods commandments orders directives wishes. In so we show our love for God (Jesus) and demonstrate to the rest of the world the one true God that loves everyone who loves and obeys him love Israel and be blessed By God in Jesus name amen

      5. To the stupid bastard who thinks that ttump is a mad man!/ Are you so stupid and brainwashed that you cant 👀 see what the hell is taking place!/ if these bastards take over this country/ do your stupid ass think that you have a place with these devils? Its time to wake your ignorant ass up boy!

      6. You are as dumb as they cum?
        What would you do, say thank you I deserve it? The kind of drugs it must take for you to be this ignorant and voice your stupidity.
        They have a new prescription out for what you have…
        diagnosis: Trump Derangement Syndrome. (TDS)
        The prescription is: Trumpenol.
        Look it up, you’ll find it may curve the intense appetite you have to inform everyone how stupid you can be and comments really are!
        Hope this helps you!
        I’m here to help!

        1. Actually, a majority of US governors decided to vote for impeachment of Pelosi! Schiff is in deep s–t too and could be fired pretty soon for lying so much!

      7. Lol…from a real madman…or can I only say …person…can you not see or hear the complete madness from the evil left…thrown their toys out their cots and cannot find them…you either blind or deaf …or more than likely both. ..get a life and bury the hate…you may feel liberated. ..

      8. So u dumberats wish Pres Trump is impeached for made up lies that fake media and the leftist spew daily.
        I guess u dumberats are satisfied with 70% tax increase, government CONSFICATING our guns, OPEN BORDERS, eating babies, disband ICE & HSI.
        But I’m puzzled, why would u support anyone or any group that puts AMERICAN citizens last and illegals a priority?
        But oh well, ur comment goes to show u how brainwash u demorats are.
        Instead of supporting these DEMONRATS, uall should use ur brain, if uall have one at all, and vote PRO – AMERICAN folks into our government..
        So besides everything mentioned above, why would anyone vote for a bunch of criminals?
        KAG AND TRUMP 2020..

      9. Terence for what? does he want open borders? no. has his economic plan almost crippled the us economy like Obama’s and Clinton’s did? no. did he give high tech weapons to terror organizations like Obama did through both the Clinton and Kerry state depts? no. so why should he be put into a straight jacket? for accomplishing the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years? for the lowest black and Latino unemployment rate in us history? for wanting to close our borders to illegals?

      10. WHY? So you like open boarders? You like obstruction, You like working for 3 years and getting nothing done but hate for Trump. His achievements are on the table.

      11. Hey Terence, why don’t you get your ANTIFA shit together, get your ANTIFA buddies and your obviously unloving parents and go play on the freeway!! You are the FILTH we refer to because of the TREASON you so blatantly support! Why don’t you suck your idol’s pencil dick!! You Anti-AMERICAN PIECE OF LEFTIST SHIT!!

      12. Why? Because you hate him more than you love your own country? Because he is tough as nails and doesn’t take crap from anyone? Because his policies have boosted the US economy to all time highs? Because employment and wages are up?

      13. Tell us, no better yet show us the proof that he is a mad man! And using CNN or any news outlet is not sitation so don’t try to use it. We want REAL proof like a smoking gun with finger prints, video and signed confession. Kind of the way that Joe Biden gave us in his little bragging interview of strong arming the President of Ukraine into firing special prosecutor for investigation into things and with holding money to them. Yes he did and did it in a live video.
        Before you come and post about something do some research don’t just take the industrial media complex as the Holy Grail of information, they are corrupt as much as the lifetime politics are. The Democrats are a cancer on this country and we need a good dose of chemotherapy to eradicate the diesase.

      14. There are no specific examples of Trump being racist, lying, being insane, being anything but good since becoming president. Can you think of a specific example of anything or just repeat the same hatred and sarcasm that has absolutely no meaning like everything? If you can’t come up with an example, you are not woke, you are in a nightmare, a fantasy of pure terror.

      15. How are you so asleep at the wheel and misinformed??!! You have to watch ALL news sources before you can make an educated decision and by your comment you obviously only watch all the fake news. Trump is a hero and has got more done in his two years than any other person. He has kept ALL of his campaign promises despite having no help from the dems and despite their witch hunts. The fake news and the dems have been caught in lie after lie after lie and yet you still believe them and follow them?! Your either stupid or evil. The evidence overwhelmingly points to the truth which is the deepstate (Obama, cli tons, bush’s, and countless government officials both democrat and Republican) have sold out our jobs, our country and our ethics in order to line their pockets and further the luciferian agenda. I am a libertarian and I unfortunately have had to vote Republican and democrat to balance the scale. So I can make fun of both parties and I have seen them for what they are . Trump will go down as the best president this country has ever seen. What’s scary is the lack of ethics . You cannot just make up lies about someone because you do not like them ! The globalist control the media for the most part except info wars and Fox, and we know from history that if you push a lie long enough then week minded people will start believing that lie as the truth. The nazis perfected it in WWII. The clintons and all the co-conspirators just about stile this election and they would have destroyed our great country. Thank God for Trump ! If it were not for him we would not have known any of the treasonous crimes they committed! The dems have aligned themselves with socialist and treasonous villains and your ok with that? What an idiot you are.

      16. Is that the best you can say? ROTFLMAO! What about addressing the actual content of this article, instead of getting triggered with TDS, and commenting non-relevant blabber about Trump? Do you know that if private Citizens followed your advice to put Trump in a straight jacket, THAT is fascism? Do you realize you make it look like you support fascism? Perhaps, even a fascist yourself?

      17. No he is not. You better get it together because these Dems have a big surprise for you if the ever took over. It’s not a good surprise either. President Trump has done more good for our country, military, vets, economy and so much more. If your smart your making money in the stock market and things are good. If your not that’s your own problem.

      18. Terence Farrar you are a total idiot, your a Demobrat a total loser it’s been 3 years asshole get over it, it sounds like your the one that’s crazy you blind idiot, go cry to your fucking mother you mother fucker

      19. Why BECAUSE he’s draining the corruption in Congress and draining the deep state lieing thieves and exposing all of their corruption and big time money scams just like your boy pos lieing ass joe Biden

      20. The democrats have always been the ones who constantly lie, manufacture fake stories, smear, propagandize, character assassinate, encourage violence, race bait, demean police…all this and you think Trump is the crazy one? If you want to see crazy, look in the mirror.

      21. Terence tell that to the millions of Americans that have been able to get off food stamps and get back to work. Trump has brought back jobs that Obama and Clinton said would never come back. lowest unemployment rates across all demographics since 1969 and continual stock market record highs. hell even the Washington Post had to admit our economy is on track for continual growth because of Trump’s policies. for this you think he needs to be in a straight jacket? wake up and smell your own bs.

      22. The only mad crazed ones are most of the Dems leadership, they area totally unhinged pathetic pelosi walks and speaks like she’s hot serious problems in her head, pencil neck Shifty schitface is a compulsive liar, sad faced penguin Nadler is like watching a toucan bird sitting on a branch as he has the same facial expression no matter what “dead” and Schumacher is just a parrot repeating everything that the above three losers who should be in jail already say!!!

    1. tbese. democrats ar a. serious cancer tumer. to. the. US. and the. World that. must be. taken. out. they. ar. the. seeds of. satan

    2. Pelosi is a hypocrite old woman, like Schiff, she dont care about american people, she is obsessed to impeach the President, thats what matters to her.

    3. This is treason and the penalty for treason is death…not litigation and financial penalties which will be shouldered by the deep state. DEATH. Hung from a tree until dead.

    4. Nancy p. Hillary Clinton comey lynch and the other should be charged with treason and arrested and have the appropriate punishment

  1. President Trump-> Remove ALL OF THEM! Drain The Swamp, as you promised the American People. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, AOC AND HER squad… all of them! Making America great again means removing anti American poses…. As you are claiming back America, we salute you! Don’t allow any more
    Bulling from these degenerates! Thank You!

    1. That may be closer than you think(i hope so) i heard somthing about oct-19th being declared a national emergency with all kinds of military drills doing mock invasions of a particular location on the east coast with the initials devils cavern.

  2. Tired of the same scams democrats try to perpetrate on the will of the people time to stop this anti-American morons.Leave my president do his job!

  3. Americans have a right to know what our left hand has been up to. It’s plain to see they sold us out to Ukraine, China, and Russia, gave trillions of our dollars to corrupt European governments and have been screwing the citizens of America at every turn, driving our businesses away, and Americans into poverty. I call for prosecution of the Democratic and Republican candidates who worked against Americas best interest. Pelosi and gang need to be taken down and hung by the neck in a public setting to show all what happens to tyrants who commit treason against the USA.

    1. I think both persecution. Then law suit. Gitmo. For all who have followed them and said similar slanderous rants about Trump. Also give them the healthcare they want us to have. Taking away their current healthcare and pay for life

    2. Gitmo for ten years then firing squad ! The ten years is to givem time to think about all the shit theyve done . And at the end shoot one ounce a month starting peter struck ! And put there cells side by side so ounce a month they can watch each other pelosi last on the list !

  4. Looking forward to see US Lady Justice bring back Law and Order!
    Enough is enough and all these Deep State Agents from both side of the aisle have to be prosecuted, sentenced and jailed for their crimes.

  5. When is justice going to be served to these Democratic treasonous bastards? Really people. This crap has been going on for three years now. And NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO TAKE THEM DOWN!!! yes, I’m a angry American taxpayer spending money on these assholes. I vote to remove Democrats from office. No, i demand to remove Democrats from office right now. Vote now! Americans need to stand up against Democratic injustice. If our government can’t do it, then we the people will. Let that sink in.

    1. I strongly agree, and just as angry, WHY isn’t no one being arrested for treason? It’s the White House Just A Puppet Show,

  6. We don’t need people in office like them we need to back Donald Trump for if we don’t we will lose the free world as we know it .to NAZIS like shift

  7. At what point will the Americans see those known bad actors be taken out in handcuffs. Do we have to wait until 2020 elections are over? Several crimes are known, bad actors are known,stop sitting on your hands. Arrest them and prosecute already. Stop the damages.

  8. You won’t win Mr President if you leave these traitors to carry on with their bs. Put them in bismo and take your time to investigate and put them away for life. Better stil…expropriated their stolen millions and send them to Africa.

  9. Open Alcatraz. Put them all in there. Charge people to see them behind bars. Donate the money to the vets and the homeless.
    The penalty for treason is death. That’s toooo good for all these crooks

  10. In addition to the amazing things Trump had done for us domestically and abroad, he is also the best whistleblower for government corruption we have ever seen. One of Trump’s goals is to drain the swamp, but I don’t think even he knew the widespread level of corruption in our government. The leftist news media and the democrats are also exposing their corruption more than ever in their daily assault on us (when they assault this President, they also assault the people that voted for him and believe in him). In their deluded minds, they think they are doing good if they are able to eliminate their political enemies by any means it takes.
    I hope we can someday soon expose the brainwashing that is going on in our Universities. Our education system is where all of this corruption starts. Professors are so messed up in our Universities because they were brainwashed also. They don’t even know the real meaning of critical thinking. Leftists twist the meanings of things in order to deceive. Their objective is to have total government control. There are innocent brainwashed people that call themselves leftist…. they don’t realize the goals of the left. The real goal of the left is socialism, communism, fascism, Marxism. The left twists everything with their deceptions …. one example: They have tried to change the definition of fascism as being the politically right (you will even find that twisted definition when you google fascism). Fascism is total control of the government over the population through all means necessary (including controlling the economy and health system). The group called Antifa protest against conservatives. Antifa members don’t even know that conservatives are fighting for the freedoms of everyone. Antifa is fighting for the left not even realizing that the end result of leftist goals is fascism. Millions of college students are brainwashed every day into believing the lies of the left. Millions of youth are taught every day to think one way only and to hate others that think differently. They are taught that conservatives are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. This hate has been so ingrained in them, that many of them never grow out of this hate and bigotry they have been taught. The professors don’t even realize that they were also brainwashed and don’t have the ability to think critically.
    People like Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro and other conservatives that go to our Universities to try to start conversations with our brainwashed youth, are so brave and need more support from all of us. It is heartening to see someone try to correct the corruption in our schools. Good people have too long been naive to the corruption in our society by the people that will lie and do almost anything to achieve their goals. The sad thing is that many of the brainwashed people are good people and they don’t realize the end goals of the things they believe in. They have truly been brainwashed into believing that conservatives who want to conserve our freedoms are the evil people. Our free society gives everyone a voice for debate, but our debate has been corrupted by the lies and deceit of the left. The left uses deceit from the beginning of their indoctrination. They call themselves liberal, making us think they are open minded, but they teach everyone to think only one way and to hate others that don’t think the same. The left makes lofty names for their organizations to deceive their true purposes. (I realize I am digressing).
    Thank you President Trump for exposing the corruption in our government. He has exposed it more than anyone ever has. I am encouraged by seeing life-long democrats are seeing the corruption and walking away from the democratic party.
    Thank you President Trump for the amazing job you are doing as President.
    This is a war of truth and corrupt left. If the Left wins, our country will become, socialist and eventually worse as part of the corrupt world order. This is a sad truth that has been hidden from us, but President Trump is trying to fight this war and we all owe him so much for his efforts. Think of the unbelievable corruption and harm that Hilary would have caused if she was elected. We have been blessed that she has been exposed. Joe Biden has been exposed now also.

  11. Pelosi not only said that those were Trumps words but she also said that the American ppl cannot ge allowed to vote for Trump he cannot be allowed to win the Presidency and ruin America for another 4 years I really think she IS GOING CRAZY and yes she should be SUED

    1. I don’t believe she should be sued I believe she should be arrested and charged with treason for trying to form a coup with her minions to overthrow the duly elected president and governing body!!!!

  12. I agree, they need to be prosecuted. This is very clearly a criminal act! It’s treasonous! Suing them for the money WE THE PEOPLE have ‘given’ them isn’t enough, I want to see them punished for their crimes.

  13. Arrest all those who are trying to subvert our Constitution by lies and deception, for without the sanction, there is no law! MAH

  14. My thoughts about Pelosie are the same as Biden: the onset of some form of dementia. This lie is too obvious, her words cannot be interpreted in more way than one which is the usual route when someone like Pelosi lies. Among other things I have seen with her (and even more with Biden) I believe it speaks to the early stages of dementia.

  15. Pelosi and Schiff both need to be prosecuted for what they have been doing. Pelosi for lying to the public. Schiff for lying, making up the call and changing the rules so that republicans can’t ask questions…


  17. Such an elaborate web of Obama’s government agencies, demoRAT politicians, Main Stream Media, Leftist educators (at all levels), Corrupt Bankers and Corporations, Hollywood Arrogants – created to OVERTHROW OUR DULLY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP – has never happened in ANY COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!
    MILITARY TRIBUNALS are the only adequate justice for this TREASONOUS WEB!!!

    Congratulations demoRats for such a HISTORIC ACHIEVEMENT!!!

  18. If the Trump administration doesn’t indict and imprison our corrupt political leaders soon, we informed Americans will have lost all faith in America. The Dems are counting on that.

    So please Mr. President…come down hard on them all…and soon!!!

  19. I pray for our President Trump for him to have our military to put these demons puppets in prison for good and throw away the key God Bless everyone

  20. nancy and schiff ,both of them need to be arrested and thrown behind bar ASAP,due to their continual acts of treason and obstructions against President Trump and American People.God Bless our President against all these kinds of Evil.

  21. I agree totally i feel as a tax payer and citizen of the USA that I been taken advantage of over these false claims and those responsible should be made accountable please get it done and spend tax money that will represent all Americans.

  22. DJT has at least started fulfilling his promises on all but one promise! Drain the swamp! We want the big leaders in Gitmo under high security, no internet or cell, only the mush usually served in prisons, only medical advice provided other prisoners. Only prison issued furnishings. DJT will be re-elected if they see their fate.

  23. I’m tired of the Democrats getting away with everything without paying the price for their actions. They just do whatever the hell they want and nothing, not one damn thing happens to them!!! I want justice, I want people thrown in prison for their crimes. This double standard has to and needs to end NOW!!!

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