House impeachment vote, Rep. Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, pushed back against the GOP argument that President Donald Trump didn’t do anything wrong because the Ukrainians ultimately got the aid. “It’s the equivalent of saying, ‘If you’re pulled over by a cop, and you attempt to bribe the cop, and the cop doesn’t take the money but arrests you, where is the crime in that? They didn’t get the money,’” Schiff said. Republicans then booed him.

Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff have shown excessive abuse of office, abuse of Congress, abuse of the Senate. If there’s ever been a time in the history of this Country to eliminate this anti-AMERICAN group of politicians, the time is now. This is the second time that pelosi has held the Country at Bay by refusing or “Abusing her oath of office”. What these politicans are doing is exactly what they are accusing President Trump of doing. The Senate needs to acquit President Trump of all false charges, then turn around and charge them with the same charges which have been observed by the world and even the “fake media” won’t be able to deny.

The democratic politicans and the fake news media need a swift kick in the nuts to get them to slow down and admit to their crimes against the President, the Republican Party, and especially to the people of the United States.
You’ve proved beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re a disgrace. This Country has no need for you. Find another country to live in.

Schiff needs to go to jail/ prison along with his looney friends .Hes NUTS !

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